Used Truck Tire Casings

Tire Casings

High Quality Used Truck Tire Casings

We offer high quality truck tire casings at the best prices. We export trailer loads or container loads of truck tire casings world-wide so please email us for quantities and prices. Availability is subject to change so please contact us about finding the right tires/tyres for you. We have several grades available in many sizes.

Available Tire Casings Sizes:

10.00R15 12R22.5 255/70R22.5 305/70R22.5 445/45R19.5
10.00R20 12R24.5 255/80R22.5 305/75R24.5 445/50R22.5
10R17.5 215/75R17.5 265/70R19.5 305/85R22.5 445/65R22.5
10R22.5 225/70R19.5 275/70R22.5 315/60R22.5 455/55R22.5
11.00R16 235/75R17.5 275/80R22.5 315/80R22.5 475/80R20
11.00R20 235/80R22.5 275/80R24.5 325/85R16 495/45R22.5
11R22.5 245/70R17.5 285/70R19.5 365/70R22.5 7.50R17
11R24.5 245/70R19.5 295/60R22.5 385/55R22.5 8R19.5
12.00R20 24R20.5 295/80R22.5 385/65R22.5 9R22.5
12.00R24 24R21 305/70R19.5 425/65R22.5 295/75R22.5